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Aqui es un informe gratuito es una examinación independiente y objetiva de los 10 mejores softwares de CRM, es el Guía de Comparación de CRM.

In other news, I have been so excited about this, and I am incredibly happy to finally get to post! I have been talking with ATI Testing about some of their products, and they offered me the chance to give away a copy of their MobileMentor NCLEX review app for iPhone or iPod! I downloaded my copy today, and have been spending a lot of time playing around with it.

I am quite happy with how simple to use it is. It shows you the program options upon opening, and is quite easy to understand. The program gives you the option to take a new quiz, look at previous quizzes, review questions, or look at your results. From there, the options become more specific. Take a look at the video if you’d like a great demo of the app!

Should you choose to take a new quiz, you can decide if you want to take a randomly generated quiz, or if you want to customize your own. If choosing a random quiz, you can go on to dictate how many questions (1-60) you would like there to be. If you decide to customize your own quiz, you can choose your quiz topics (based on clinical area, NCLEX area, or body function). It is up to you to decide which subtopics to include, and which to leave out.

I find that this function is perfect for me; I don’t like studying the things that I know, because I feel that I am wasting time that I could be focusing on the harder areas. By designing my own quiz, I am taking an assessment that is tailor-made to my strengths and weaknesses.

I also particularly enjoy the ability to look back in detail at the previous quizzes I have taken. This allows me to track my growth and see how I have been doing over time. Along with this, I am quite impressed by the detail given when reviewing results. I am able to see exactly where I succeed and where I need work (for instance, under “clinical areas” I scored 100% on each section, but under “NCLEX area,” I can see that I need work on “Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies”, since I only scored 33%).

Should you decide that you don’t want to be quizzed, but just want to review, you can simply review the questions the app has in its database. Again, you are able to select the exact subtopics which you wish to review. When reviewing questions, viewing results, or taking a new quiz, you can click “rationale” and find out exactly why the answer you’ve chosen is right or wrong.

Maybe this is just the social media geek in me coming out, but I’m thrilled by the fact that this app has a “connect with facebook” option. You can choose to share your results on your facebook wall; who knows, maybe you can spur a bit of friendly competition with your classmates!

My only complaint with the application is that often the rationale behind why an answer is incorrect is not explained fully. For instance, it may say “It is not appropriate to administer Lasix at this time,” which I had already guessed due to that being the wrong answer. Typically, however, the explanations given as to why an answer is correct are much more detailed and helpful.