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Payroll Software

Posted in EMS, Partners on June 1, 2009 by medic61

With HR and payroll software departments tightening their budgets, many managers are still trying to stay laser-focused on getting HR software costs down; while at the same time increasing staff services delivery and strategic capabilities. These always present pressures to demonstrate ongoing cost savings are made more challenging by software vendors and pundits alike. These groups lay near equal claim to the idea that that their respective HR and payroll software systems and flexible deployment options - namely cloud or SaaS - offer a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for pretty much any organization. Whether it's Software-as-a-Service or in-house installation, a lot of debate goes on about which delivery method costs more in the end. The truth is somewhere in the middle. These talking heads usually end up skirting some of the key TCO elements, and regrettably cast even more doubt on the issues than anything else.

Oh, Drew

Posted in Partners on November 6, 2008 by medic61

I love my partners so, so much. Let me give you a little hint as to why.

During Obama’s infomercial
Drew: “Hey Sam, look! Wavy waves of grain! Er…waving waves of…wait, what?”
Me: “Amber waves of grain?”
Drew: “Yeah!”

At dinner
Waitress: “What can I get you?”
Drew: “Hmmm…how many bruschettas come in a bruschetta?”
Waitress: “Uh…what?”
Drew: “Nevermind.”

After our call tonight
Eric: “You didn’t write your report en route?”
Drew: “Naw, I never do.”
Eric: “Why?”
Drew: “With my handwriting? It would be completely ineligible.”
Drew: “Er…that other one.”


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We get bored, Jeremie has a camera, fun ensues. The following pictures are all (c)Jeremie Gibbs.

Eric and Me in the bay

My hair suffering from the humidity.

Hamming it up, per usual.

This is the ambulance, folks.

I’m really bad at doing posed radio reports :P

It is seriously too hot to have my hair down.

Oh Jeremie, you always catch me at my…finest.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our boredom. We’ve had a lift-assist for a 400+ lbs. woman, and two back to back MVAs (one with minor injuries and one with none). We’ll see…I’m still predicting that COPD later tonight. And thanks Gertrude for that wonderful prediction.

Take care,

Blast From the Past

Posted in Partners on May 2, 2008 by medic61

So I was surfing around facebook randomly and came across this picture from first semester of freshman year. Eric was in the room, watching TV with us or something when my former roommate broke out the camera. I then found myself tackled and restrained by my future partner.

It’s so weird, because at this point I wasn’t even aware that I was about to become an ambulance driver or an EMT. I certainly never dreamed that I’d be trusting this kid with my life.

But regardless, I love this picture. Just thought I’d share the love :)

Take care,

My Partners

Posted in Partners on May 1, 2008 by medic61

More quotes from the best partners on earth.

On the way back from the hospital:

Me: “Hey, where is the jake-brake on this thing? I hate driving emergency with it on.”
Eric: “What!? I love it! Like…you don’t have to use the real brake. See?” *takes his foot off the brake as we approach a stop light (with other stopped cars)*
Eric: *slams on the brake* “So…that didn’t really work.”
Me: *looks at the five inches of space separating us from the car in front* “Yeah.”

On the same trip back:

Eric: “That guy has his blinker on; I don’t think he realizes it.”
Me: “Ugh, that’s so annoying.”
Eric: *picks up the PA radio* “Your blinker is on.”
Truck: *turns blinker off*
Me: “Well…what do you think the odds are that Chief is going to get a call about this?”
Eric: “Pretty damned good.”

Just now, sitting on the couch:

Me: *laughing hysterically about something that just happened*
Eric: “What the hell is so funny!? Do you want me to throw this radio at you?”
Me/Drew: *laugh harder*
Eric: “I swear to god, I’ll go get my HT 1000 and throw it at you.”
Me/Drew: *laugh even harder*
Eric: “I’m going to kill you two.” *surfs channels* “Oo, wanna watch Golden Girls?”
Me/Drew: *cannot breathe laughing*


Posted in Partners on March 27, 2008 by medic61

Not only is he a connoisseur of slice-n-bake cookies, but he’s also a good partner (go figure, hehe). I have a good update to write about a call we went on tonight, but since I wrote one for Drew, I thought I’d do one for Eric. So here are a few humorous quotes and incidents from our dear friend that you all love (to hate), Eric.

Last Week, As We Were Trying to Get in to a Grocery Store Late at Night (for some Slice-n-Bakes!):
Me:”Aw, they’re closed.”
Eric:”Uhh…I don’t know why, it says ‘open 6am until midnight!’”
Me:”Eric, it’s 2 in the morning.”
Eric:”Right, so why aren’t they open!?”
Eric:”Oh, right.”

Classic Eric Phrases
What the eff-bomb!?
Well ain’t that some shit!

While Buying Food:
Drew:”Fatty! Why are you buying so much food!?”
Eric:”Leave me alone!”
Drew:”Christ. Sam, you know if we get a call, fatty here’s going to be eating as he drives the medic.”
Eric:”Aw, hell, that’s nothing. This one time, I was driving lights and sirens while eating a cheeseburger!”
Me:”You know…you didn’t really just help your case there.”

Driving To a Call:
Me:”There’s a bunny. Swerve for the bunny. SWERVE, SWERVE, SWERVE!!!”
Eric:”OH GOD! *swerves all over the place* That was almost really bad.”

About Five Seconds Ago:
Eric:*points to a poster of Christopher Reeves* Isn’t he dead?
Me:*not paying attention* Who?
Eric:Lance Armstrong
Me:*looks up, realizes who it is, proceeds to burst into hysterical laughter*

Eric provides us with a lot (and oh my god do I mean a LOT) of comic relief. I really like writing these “glimpses into the real lives of my partners” posts. I mean, I always write about Eric and Drew as they are on calls, but you don’t know them like I do outside of the EMS world. I know them on campus, at the station, at their houses, at parties, etc. We are all really close, and I like bringing a little more of them into this. If you like reading these, please let me know and I’ll be sure to bring you more! Eric will be super easy to write about, haha!



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Drew is being such a spoil-sport and won’t let me post a picture of him because he says his face isn’t “glorious” enough. Folks, let me tell you what a lie that is…regardless. Maybe one day he’ll let me. I’m sure Eric will, anyway. So no picture for this post.

Tonight at Subway:

Drew(To me (quietly)): “I love to mess with the subway girl…watch this.”
(To her):”I’ll take a six-inch sweet-onion chicken sub, ’cause six inches is all I can handle, toasted, ’cause I like it hot.”
Her:”Heh…uh…what else can I put on that for you?”
Him:”Lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers, and two pickles.”
Him:”Yeah, I like it to look like a smiley face.”
Him:*Smiles like nothing is out of the ordinary*
Her:*Puts two pickles on the sandwich* “Like a smiley face.”
Him:”Ohhhhhh God that looks good.”
Me:”You’re so strange.”


Later, at the station:

Drew:”OH EFF!”
Me:*jumps back about 10 feet* “WHAT!?”
Drew:”THERE’S A FLYING RED ANT ON THE COUCH!” *attempts to flick it towards me*
Drew:*looks around, flails helplessly*
Me:*grabs TV remote, poised and ready to smash*
Angry Flying Red Ant:*flies off angrily*

A Few Minutes Later:
Me:”Do you want me to call Eric and have him pick up some of those slice and bake cookies for later tonight?”
Drew:”Ooo, definitely”
Me:*calls Eric* “Heyyyy…how’s about you picking up some of them slice-n-bake cookies at teeter on your way over? Yeah, we were thinking we could–OH GOD” *ducks as Drew launches himself across the couch*
Drew:”AIEEEEEE!” *flies in gigantic leaps and bounds over the couch and Sam, smashing the aforementioned Flying Red Ant in one fell swoop*
Me:”We…we…we were thinking we could make a batch for our shift tonight. Yeah, alright see you in a few. …Nice going, partner.”
Drew:*wipes sweat off his brow* “I am all that is man.”

From A Shift A Few Weeks Ago:
Drew:”Man, I’m really vascular today.” *shows me his arms*
Me:”…You’re odd.”

I work with some awesome people. And here comes Eric with those cookies…expect some updates throughout the night! And Eric just told me that he’d let me use his picture “as long as I didn’t look like I do now!” Yeah, yeah, bud.