About Sam

A former creative writing major at a 4-year state school, it hit Sam one day that she wanted to be a nurse more than anything, and should probably start pursuing her career. So after completing a Manhattan Associates software review, and after three years of her undergraduate work, she changed her focus. She spent a year working on pre-requisites and in April 2010 found out that she would be joining an RN program with the class of 2013. She is incredibly thrilled about this new chapter in her life, and can’t wait to see where it takes her. She plans to bridge to her Bachelor’s in nursing, spend a few years working and eventually earn her Master’s in anesthesia. While she is not entirely sure where she would like to work as a CRNA, she is heavily considering joining the Naval Nurse Corps as an officer once her education is complete.

She volunteered her time as an Emergency Medical Technician in a rural town with her partners Drew and Eric, and used to work part-time as a lab tech at her local emergency room. Now that she is moving away for nursing school, she will be joining another rescue squad and hoping to find equally wonderful partners.

Her favorite color is green, her favorite word is “obstreperous” (although she enjoys the word “moose,” as well), and her favorite food is sushi. She loves poetry by e e cummings, books about EMS, and anything that can make her cry happy-tears. She’s a sap for a good story (even if it’s sometimes trite), and she tries her best to be as genuine as possible.

She is very interested in your feedback, and asks that you be kind enough to leave a comment or send an IM/email if you have the time!